Prestige 680 “Valentina”

A highly valued customer from Lengers Yachts had all sleeping comfort on board of his Prestige 680 motor yacht adjusted by Neptune. The owner’s cabin is equipped with “Excellent” Vita-Talalay latex mattresses 18 cm thick and an “Excellent” mattress topper, the VIP cabin has “Excellent” mattresses, the guest cabin is equipped with “Comfort Plus” mattresses and the crew has mattresses from the “Comfort” line. Tailor-made bed linen has been made for each sleeping place, duvets and duvet covers have been custom-made and Imperior pillows have been supplied.

The whole job was realized in a week’s time and the client was amazed. On Wednesday the owner slept in his own bed, the sleeping comfort of the other cabins was brought on board Friday. The motor yacht was transported to Montenegro after that weekend. With good timing and concise agreements Neptune can do seamless work!

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