Slatsystem 100X200cm



Slatsystem for mattresses of ± 205 x 110 cm.

Packaging: box of 102/20/14 cm, weight 9.5 kg in which:

  • 30 water-resistant glued curved slats of 100 cm
  • 30 twin-kappes of flexible plastic (anti-slip)
  • 28 Neptune click connectors
  • A clear assembly description

Product description

With the Neptune slatsystem you have a very comfortable mattress support that ventilates and gives extra comfort. The hatches under the mattress are easily accessible through the patented click connection system. In the bow of a yacht, where the largest width is ± 210 cm, you use two slat bases of 100 cm. In a stern, where a slatted base of 140 cm wide can be used, it is sometimes advisable to make two slat bases of 100 cm to size, so that the access to the storage spaces remains easy.

Advantages of a Neptune slatsystem:

  • The preservation of the mattress
  • Without drilling, screwing or gluing
  • Can be used with any bed shape or sleeping cage
  • Optimal anatomical support
  • Perfect air circulation under the mattress to prevent mold and odors
  • Optimal accessibility of the hatches by the patented neptune click system