Workshops in Palma

26 June 2019

Our recently opened Neptune Experience Centre in Palma de Mallorca has been created to allow owners and crew to experience the different thicknesses, qualities and finishes of Neptune boat mattresses, pillows and bed linens before they select them for their vessels. In addition to the very fun process of choosing new yacht beds and bedding however, it also provides a space for hosting workshops for crew on all-important subjects around sleep. These workshops will focus on topics such as The Importance of Sleep (in association with a psychotherapist), Time To Relax (in association with a yoga instructor), Beds & Backs (in association with professional osteopaths and chiropractors), Mattresses & Massages (in association with qualified massage therapists) and The Right Way To Make a Bed (in association with an interior trainer from VIP Service School). Please contact Melanie Winters for more information.