Slatted bases for aeration and comfort

16 April 2022

Each night, every person will perspire without realising – and the amount can be surprisingly copious – which can cause mould in the mattress core due to the lack of ventilation. It’s not only an unpleasant thought, but unhygienic and unhealthy to sleep on a damp mattress.

Neptune boat mattresses, in combination with our patented Neptune slatted base systems – essential for ventilation under the mattress – guarantee a comfortable and healthy sleeping place onboard your yacht.

With a minimum height of four cm, a Neptune slatted base ensures very good aeration under the mattress, resulting in dry mattresses. Besides the fact that the use of a slatted frame improves sleeping comfort considerably, a slatted frame extends the life of the mattress by keeping it ventilated.

Neptune slatted bases are also super flexible due to the patented connection system.