How did you sleep?

08 March 2021

Whether you enjoy a leisurely cruise or serious sailing trip, a good night’s sleep on the water is just as important as on dry land. You’ll spend approximately 30% of your time onboard sleeping, which we think is too long to tolerate any discomfort. How were your nights onboard during the past boating season? If you didn’t sleep well and return to land rested and comfortable, we can help.

Seating and sleeping comfort is very personal. Where one person prefers a hard mattress, another might sleep better on a soft mattress; and where one person sleeps on their back, others sleep on their side or stomach, while a person’s weight can also influence their choice of mattress. The same applies to seating comfort: where the dining room and bridge or helm can be more active locations calling for firmer seating, the saloon sofa lends itself to a more comfortable seat. With a stock of more than thirty different qualities of comfort foam and our own cutting plant, we can match every area onboard with a suitable product.

At Neptune we want you to fully enjoy the sun, the water and your precious free time. Now’s the perfect time to replace your mattresses and seat cushions, for a comfortable, restful season ahead.

For those concerned with having enough height onboard for a comfortable mattress, we’re able to provide a number of effective solutions. Our team has been fitting mattresses to unique scenarios for decades, with ever-comfortable results.

Neptune has been producing quality handmade mattresses in all sizes for new and refit yachts since 1992, as well as specializing in slatted bases, custom-made bedding and seating comfort. We are happy to advise you on the product that suits you best.