Has this season left your mattresses showing signs of mould?

28 October 2019

Refit season is nearly here but there’s one area of the vessel that’s often overlooked. While the rest of the onboard furnishings are kept at superyacht standard, covered up mattresses can be left to languish rather than kept at the same high standard. Refreshing the mattresses onboard means crew wake re-invigorated, giving them the energy they need to put in their best day’s work onboard. With owners, guests and crew alike spending a third of their time onboard sleeping or sitting on their bed, ensuring the quality of the mattresses onboard isn’t compromised at the end of each season is a no-brainer.

Like most things, choosing a mattress based on price alone can be a false economy, with mattresses that aren’t specifically designed for the marine environment and fitted correctly to the yacht prone to mould. Neptune’s team has seen it all onboard yachts. From crew cabins fitted with 10cm thick polyether foam mattresses with just a sheet and no mattress cover (ticking) that stayed damp after each night’s sleep with clear signs of mould, to guest beds on a 60 metre vessel fitted with low cost mattresses, padded out with foam and covered with a sheet; cut-price bedding solutions can very quickly lower the standard of guest experience onboard both in their own staterooms and in the service they receive from poorly rested crew.

For a charter guest expecting perfection, a poor night’s sleep on a sub-quality mattress is simply not good enough.

Dutch company Neptune is the expert in the business of finding sleeping solutions. The Neptune team is able to prepare custom-made mattresses to suit the most complex-shaped beds, or demanding install requirements and is able to time this well in advance to be ready to fit as the vessel goes into refit. With a slat system so innovative it’s patented, and which provides ventilation, the company is also able to provide mattresses in a wide range of thicknesses and qualities, as well as a number of mattress qualities which meet strict IMO wheelmark rules.

The company also manufactures high-quality, custom made bedding and duvets; ideal for pairing with its custom made mattresses during a refit period to start a new season with fresh bedding throughout. To experience Neptune’s various different mattresses prior to selecting the right fit for the vessel, head to its Experience Centre in central Palma. The 150 m² showroom is a short walk from the main marinas and showcases various mattress types, including models intended for crew quarters as well as owners and guests, alongside general interior decorating advice for yacht and home by appointment. “Here, visiting clients can lay down and ‘experience’ the comfort and support of our Neptune mattresses in seven full size beds. We have 18 different qualities of mattresses to choose from in multiple thicknesses and finishes,” says Marcel Botman, Neptune.

Neptune is represented in the Balearic Islands by Melanie Winters, based in the Experience Centre in Palma de Mallorca. Speak to her now to define your vessel’s end of season needs.