A comfortable sleep that’s healthy and hygienic

17 April 2024

With longer days approaching, you’ve likely been hard at work getting ready for the sailing season. Applying new anti-foul, varnishing teak and washing down are all great ways to care for the boat, but it’s just as important to care for yourself when you’re onboard. As part of your pre-season preparation, unzip the cover of your mattresses and there is a good chance that you will find mould. Often not visible to the naked eye, mould and bacteria are almost always present within the mattresses we sleep on.

We unknowingly shed perspiration and other waste products every night, creating a damp environment which can cause mould to form in mattress cores due to lack of ventilation. It’s unhygienic as well as being unhealthy; mould is the cause of many common complaints such as runny noses, watery eyes and respiratory irritation.

Time for new mattresses?

You’ll spend approximately 30% of your time on the water sleeping. At Neptune, we think that’s far too much to experience any discomfort. Our sleeping systems are specially developed to provide optimal comfort and support and made from the most durable materials. Supplying custom-made boat mattresses in various qualities, we combine them with our patented slatted base systems – essential for ventilation under the mattress – ensuring a healthy, hygienic and comfortable sleep onboard your yacht.

Antibacterial mattress cores and covers

We’ve also equipped our products with antibacterial mattress cores and removable, washable antibacterial mattress covers. To ensure our mattresses are wellness powerhouses and provide optimal protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses, we also include nano silver in all mattress covers. This environmentally-friendly treatment of the ticking with colloidal silver, also known as silver water, kills unwanted intruders and reduces the spread of bacteria and development of mould in the long term.

Fire retardant

A healthy product doesn’t mean a lack of safety or comfort. Neptune also works with Nautifoam comfort foam, Vita Talalay® Latex Superior™ and FRG-Talalay, among others which provide industry-leading comfort. The fire-retardant Nautifoam is a premium comfort foam that has been anti-bacterially treated to ensure resistance to mold and dust mites, making it ideal for people with allergies. Vita Talalay® Latex Superior™ is a durable, superior latex that naturally offers optimal ventilation and moisture regulation due to its open cell structure, so fungi and bacteria don’t have a chance. FRG-Talalay contains fire-retardant graphite and is sold under IMO/SOLAS certification.

Try out our sleep systems

Thinking about increasing your sleeping comfort onboard? You are very welcome to try out different mattress qualities and sleeping systems in our Experience Centers in Palma de Mallorca or Zwaagdijk-Oost in The Netherlands. Our advisors will discuss your current mattresses and sleeping arrangements, and what you’d like to achieve for a good night’s sleep. We’re also able to measure onboard the vessel for an exact fit, and your old mattresses can be reproduced exactly. As soon as your mattress and sleeping system is ready, an appointment will be made for delivery or pick up. To ensure you’re relaxed from start to finish, we’ll also remove and recycle your old mattresses.

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