"Comfort Plus" Line Boat Mattresses

The Neptune “Comfort Plus” Line boat mattresses are produced from a core of premium quality Nautifoam® with a 3 cm thick 100% W6S Vita-Talalay latex Soft top layer or a Vita-Talalay Embrace  (memory foam) latex top layer.
These mattresses are available in two hardnesses: Medium and Firm and available in two thicknesses; 15 cm and 18 cm and can be produced in any shape. The Nautifoam® has been specially developed for water sports and has antibacterial properties. No mold will form in this mattress core. This premium cold foam is dust mite resistant and also fire-resistant and meets the strict IMO / MED wheelmark certification. Very suitable for allergy sufferers
Also available on request with IMO Wheelmark certificate
Neptune gives a 7-year warranty on this combination against pitting.

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